3D Artist • Designer • Compositor

About Me

the Artist

My first CG work was creating 'Mods' for games like Doom, Quake and Morrowind and culminating in creating actual content for Pirates of the Burning Sea published by SONY ONLINE ENTERTAINMENT and developed by Flying Lab Software. Deciding to pursue art professionally, I attended Full Sail University where I was exposed to Tracking and Compositing. Graduated Valedictorian in February of 2008.

Who is this guy?

I am married to my lovely wife Natalie who really pushed me to pursue art professionally. We have two kids together, our son A.J. and our daughter Miranda, who are a complete handful. We reside in Orlando, Florida. Currently, I teach Shading & Lighting at Full Sail University. Additionally I work freelance in the Simulation and Training Industry, Designing Software, developing assets, and managing projects.